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We are happy that you would like to register for the following event:

EBS Online Masterclass: How much will real estate prices fall in the wake of interest rate hikes?

7. February 2023, 03:00 PM

online via Zoom

"How much will real estate prices fall in the wake of interest rate hikes?" with Prof. Jan Mutl

Are you considering to apply to EBS at the moment? Would you like to get to know EBS better? We invite you to join us in our upcoming EBS Online Masterclass with Prof. Jan Mutl.
This masterclass is especially designed for those interested in MSc in Real Estate but also for anyone interested in the topic in general, who might be considering to apply to another MSc or MBA Programmes at EBS.

Content of the session:

In this short lecture, we will first explore the fundamental determinants of real estate prices. This will take us into various diverse topics including looking at how cities evolve; how we live, work and spend our free time; as well as understanding how financial markets work and influence real estate. Building upon this, we then will look at the current situation in Germany and using empirical data derive basic projections on how prices will evolve in the future.
We will also make time for Q&A in MSc in Real Estate and about the application process at EBS for the MSc Programmes. We are looking forward to having you in the masterclass!
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