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We are happy that you would like to register for the following event:

Spotlight Session with EBS alumna Ann-Kathrin Sommer: Digitalisation in the real estate sector

20. April 2023, 04:00 PM

online via Zoom

For most of us, being used to smartphones and cloud services, digital transformation sounds like a no-brainer. But in corporate life it is much more complex than you think. Are you curious to know more about it?
This Spotlight Session provides a glimpse of the current status of digital transformation of the real estate sector, with a special focus on project development and facility management.

Content of the session:

With a real-life company example, we will

  • give examples of digitalisation in real estate
  • highlight the challenges that companies are facing during the transformation process
  • show the interdependence between project development and facility management
  • outline the benefits that come with digitalisation
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